Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

First Page

There are several types of A's made on the first page of the Ransom Note:

Rn11a.jpg (5018 bytes)

First type has a hook back over the top of the A and the tail points down at an approx. 45 degree angle

2olivaA1.jpg (12052 bytes)Oliva's a's above

nancyA4.jpg (48292 bytes)Nancy's A's with downward tail


Rn12a.jpg (12873 bytes)

RN. The second type has the tail trailing away from the letter directly to the right or slightly curving up. Some have a hook over and some do not.

2olivaA2.jpg (7054 bytes)Oliva

nancyA5.jpg (22572 bytes)Nancy's A's with tail to side.


Rn13a.jpg (4442 bytes)

The tail drops straight down or slightly curves under. Two with hook over and two without.

Rn14a.jpg (5760 bytes)

No tail on end of character. Two with slight hook over and four with extreme hook over.

2olivaA3.jpg (4449 bytes)Oliva     2olivaA5.jpg (8354 bytes)Oliva

nancyA6.jpg (31708 bytes)Nancy's.

Rn15a.jpg (5110 bytes)

One capital A with second leg caveing in. Three a's with no hook over or tail. Loop isclosed with straight up and down "leg".

nancyA1.jpg (16160 bytes)Nancy's.     nancyA3.jpg (24671 bytes)Nancy's.

2olivaA4.jpg (4441 bytes)Oliva. The right leg of the A bends slightly inward similar to the RN A.

Rn16a.jpg (6611 bytes)

This type has no tail but each has a hook over making the a look very much like some of the d's.


Second Page

Rn2a.jpg (47440 bytes)

RN. All types.

nancyA2.jpg (85846 bytes)nancyA3.jpg (24671 bytes)Nancy's

nancyA4.jpg (48292 bytes)Nancy's.



                                                                                                            Third Page


Rn3a.jpg (32013 bytes)RN.

Top row has the straight leg. 2nd. row is the block A found in "cAt". Third row has the "pompadour" and tail. The last row has the shorter pompadour and tail or pompadour and no tail.