Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

                                                                                                First Page: The G's

RN11G.jpg (8564 bytes)

RN. These have various sizes of hooks on the tail. Some look like 9's at the top, others are very small.

nancy_g.jpg (32061 bytes)Nancy's. Wow.

2olivaG1.jpg (3341 bytes)Oliva's. 9's with hooks

RN12G.jpg (6825 bytes)

RN. These tails are ended without, or barely noticeble, hooks; angle left

2olivaG2.jpg (1873 bytes)Oliva's. 9 with angle left


                                                                                               Second Page: The G's

RN21G.jpg (7392 bytes)

RN. Curved tails

nancy_g.jpg (32061 bytes)Nancy's

2olivaG1.jpg (3341 bytes)Oliva

RN22G.jpg (14221 bytes)

RN. Angular tails, some with hooks and some w/o

2olivaG2.jpg (1873 bytes)Oliva


                                                                                               Third Page: The G's

RN31G.jpg (6453 bytes)

RN. Curved tails

RN32G.jpg (2012 bytes)

RN. Angular tails

nancy_g.jpg (32061 bytes)Nancy's.