Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

                                                                                                  First Page: The h's

1.RNH11.jpg (2036 bytes)RN. Leans back

2olivaH4.jpg (6223 bytes)Oliva's backward leaning h's with script type loop. The humps are characteristic-compare row 1 with #6

2.RNH12.jpg (11078 bytes)RN. Then leans forward.

2olivaH1.jpg (2444 bytes)Oliva. Compare 1st. hump with # 8 in row 2. Also 2 hump   with #'s 3, 6 & 8 of row 2.

3.RNH13.jpg (8092 bytes)RN. More or less straight up & down

2olivaH2.jpg (3527 bytes)Oliva's staright up & dn. h's without a loop. hump of first character similar to that of #8 on RN 2nd. row. Hump of 2 same as #4 on 2nd. row. Third hump starts in middle of stem instaed of at the bottom-similar to the h two rows below.

4.RNH14.jpg (5447 bytes)RN. Stem bends backward then forward

2olivaH3.jpg (1318 bytes)Oliva. Stem bends in middle similar to those above on row 4.

5.RNH15.jpg (1638 bytes)RN. Stem flies backwards.

6.RNH16.jpg (1861 bytes)RN. Dwarfs


                                                                                            Second Page: The h's

1.RNH21.jpg (17589 bytes)

RN. The majority lean forward. One hump starts in the middle of the stem. The the bottom. The 3 at the left had a weak upper stem probably due to reproduction problems but these humps also start in the middle.

2olivaH2.jpg (3527 bytes)Oliva. compare first h with #'s 5, 9, 16 & 17 in row 1.

2olivaH1.jpg (2444 bytes)Oliva. see #'s 5, 9, 14, 16 & 17 in row 1.

2.RNH22.jpg (5122 bytes)RN. These are about to fall over.


3.RNH23.jpg (3890 bytes)RN.


                                                                                             Third Page: The h's

1.RNH31.jpg (7486 bytes)RN.

2.RNH32.jpg (3292 bytes)RN.