Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

                                                                                                  First Page: The k's

1.RNKi16.jpg (2799 bytes)RN.

2olivai6.jpg (1480 bytes)Oliva. Only one example in the Oliva complaint. Leans left which is atypical but overall appearance of the letter seems very similar. See #4 below from second page.


                                                                                            Second Page: The k's

1.RNKi27.jpg (9654 bytes)RN. #3 is short. #5 has the juncture near the bottom. #6 doesn't have as much separation of right hand extensions. Stem of #8 is no higher than extensions.#'s 2 and 7 lifting up their leg.

2olivai6.jpg (1480 bytes)Oliva


                                                                                             Third Page: The k's

1.RNKi36.jpg (3783 bytes)RN.

2olivai6.jpg (1480 bytes)Oliva. Looks like # 1 in row above except leans left instead of right.