Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

                                                                                                First Page: The R's

Rn1R1.jpg (2581 bytes)

The RN capital R

2olivaR1.jpg (3465 bytes)Oliva

Rn1R2.jpg (16271 bytes)

RN printed r's

2olivaR2.jpg (2546 bytes)Oliva

Rn1R3.jpg (6521 bytes)

RN script r's

2olivaR3.jpg (6903 bytes)Oliva's script r's. Check out the RN first and second r's from left

Rn1R4.jpg (5136 bytes)

RN printed r's with "cowlick"


                                                                                               Second Page: The R's





                                                                                               Third Page: The R's