Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

                                                                                                First Page: The S's

RnS11.jpg (15084 bytes)

RN. Some of these look like they could come from the Nazi SS symbol. Others look like backwards 2's. A couple look almost normal.

2olivaS2.jpg (6446 bytes)Oliva's S's. A little variety here also.

RnS12.jpg (2324 bytes)

RN. Capital S's

RnS13.jpg (3561 bytes)

RN. Many are smaller than the rest, some have stubby tops or bottoms.

2olivaS3.jpg (1817 bytes)Some stubbies in Oliva's note


                                                                                               Second Page: The S's

RnS21.jpg (3998 bytes)

RN. Fairly normal. The top on the first S is about to take off.

2olivaS1.jpg (3946 bytes)More Oliva

RnS22.jpg (9168 bytes)

RN. The bottom is drawn out to the "7:00 or 8:00 o'clock" position

RnS23.jpg (2802 bytes)

Second in is the Nazi S. The last one is a snake.

RnS24.jpg (8719 bytes)

Eigth one in looks like the backward 2.


                                                                                                 Third Page: The S's

RnS31.jpg (1913 bytes)Capital S in SBTC

RnS32.jpg (2780 bytes)

RN. Pretty normal.

RnS33.jpg (2508 bytes)

RN. The top is about ready to blast off

RnS34.jpg (3071 bytes)

RN. Bottom stroke is more exaggerated than top.

2olivaS1.jpg (3946 bytes)Oliva

RnS35.jpg (3422 bytes)

RN. Stubbies.

2olivaS3.jpg (1817 bytes)Oliva