Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

                                                                                                  First Page: The t's


RN11T.jpg (15417 bytes)

Mostly straight up and down or with slight curve. Crossbar slanted slightly upward to the right. No tail off bottom of tee.

2olivaT3.jpg (9844 bytes)

2olivaT4.jpg (12703 bytes)

2olivaT2.jpg (10967 bytes)

Oliva t's

RN12T.jpg (23589 bytes)

With pronounced curving upward tail.

2olivaT5.jpg (1649 bytes)Oliva


RN13T.jpg (19860 bytes)

With pronounced straight tail.

RN14T.jpg (7865 bytes)

No tail; bent post or small hook on bottom.

RN15T.jpg (2363 bytes)

The capital T.

2olivaT1.jpg (2404 bytes)




                                                                                                 Second Page: The t's


RN22T.jpg (1558 bytes)Capital T from second page


RN21T.jpg (9339 bytes)

The bottom tail is more angular


RN23T.jpg (16333 bytes)

The bottom of the stem is curved


RN24T.jpg (14301 bytes)

RN25T.jpg (15272 bytes)

The stem is straight, no tail. A few are slightly curved to the left; Several more are curved slightly to the right.


RN31T.jpg (29359 bytes)