Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

                                                                                                  First Page: The Y's

RN11Y.jpg (10752 bytes)

RN. Type 1    Type 2    Type 3                                         Type 4

There are 3 types of tails. Those that curve to the right; those that curve to the left, some of each drawn with a hook on the end ; And those that end straight down.

The top part has 4 variations. A straight line sticking out to the top left, Type 1, A "V" shape off the top, Type 2, A "U" shape off the top, Type 3, and a angular left stroke that resembles a number "4", Type 4.

2olivaY1.jpg (4896 bytes)Oliva's Y's. The y of # 3 like that of Type 3 above. #3,4,5 like Type 4 above.

                                                    #2 & 3 have a hooked tail like #7 above right.

nancy_Y.jpg (40623 bytes)Nancy's

2olivaYGJ.jpg (3704 bytes)Oliva. Included as examples of the tails on his letters.

nancy_J.jpg (2101 bytes)Nancy's

RN12Y.jpg (10246 bytes)

RN Type 2                 Type 1                                                                     Type 5       6

More of the same. Type 5 has an exaggerated top. Type 6 has a hook on the left stroke. A tail hook to the right side.

nancy_Y.jpg (40623 bytes)Nancy's.

2olivaQ.jpg (1679 bytes)Oliva. Included to show the right curved tail


RN13Y.jpg (11850 bytes)

RN Type 3        Type 1                                                                                         Type 4

nancy_Y.jpg (40623 bytes)Nancy's



                                                                                            Second Page: The Y's


RN21Y.jpg (15146 bytes)RN

RN22Y.jpg (6503 bytes)RN

RN23Y.jpg (6037 bytes)RN

nancy_Y.jpg (40623 bytes)Nancy's


                                                                                    Third Page: The Y's

RN31Y.jpg (11577 bytes)RN

RN32Y.jpg (3753 bytes)RN