Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

                                                                                                  First Page: The b's

1.RNb11.jpg (8622 bytes)RN. Some straight backs. most slightly lean to right.

2olivab2.jpg (1398 bytes)Oliva

2.RNb12.jpg (2214 bytes)RN. Backs curve to left.

3.RNb13.jpg (1499 bytes)RN.

2olivab2.jpg (1398 bytes)Oliva

                                                                                            Second Page: The b's

1.RNb21.jpg (1702 bytes)RN. Capital. Points up.

2olivab1.jpg (1594 bytes)Oliva's capital B. Points down.

2.RNb22.jpg (6194 bytes)RN. Backs lean to right

2olivab2.jpg (1398 bytes)Oliva

3.RNb23.jpg (2886 bytes)RN. Incomplete loops

4.RNb24.jpg (1474 bytes)RN. Cursive b as in one "be".

                                                                                             Third Page: The b's

1.RNb31.jpg (1641 bytes)RN. Another capital.

2olivab1.jpg (1594 bytes)Oliva.

2.RNb32.jpg (1515 bytes)RN. Real straight back, like it was dwelt on.

2olivab2.jpg (1398 bytes)Oliva. Hmmmm. Looks familiar.

3. RNb33.jpg (2497 bytes)RN. Most typical form.