Alpha-numeric Character Study of the Ransom Note

                                                                                                  First Page: The i's

1.RNKi11.jpg (2666 bytes)RN. The body of the i is mostly a dot or dash no larger than the dot/dash above. One is missing the dot. Two lean slightly to the left, one is straight, one is curved to left..

2.RNKi12.jpg (5237 bytes)RN. The body leans to the right. Some curved some straight.

3.RNKi13.jpg (5977 bytes)RN. Body is straight. Dot is close on some. Very high, or normal, on others.

2olivai1.jpg (3450 bytes)Oliva. The overall appearance is the same but no dots. Some taller, some shorter.

4. RNKi14.jpg (9875 bytes)The body curves to the left. Dot/dash is to the right of the body.

5. RNKi25.jpg (2139 bytes)RN. Body leans to left. Dot above or to the right.

2olivai2.jpg (4999 bytes)Oliva. Left leaning.



                                                                                            Second Page: The i's

1.RNKi21.jpg (8787 bytes)RN. Bodies mostly straight and normal, or small. Dots high, normal and low.

2.RNKi22.jpg (7067 bytes)RN. Capitals. #1 slopes up. Bottom of 3 is running away from home. #4 is leaning tower of pisa. #5 top aims down while bottom aims up. Stem of #2 goes in three directions.

2olivai4.jpg (6481 bytes)Oliva's capitals. #4 is taking flight. Base and tops have slight upward pitch. #2 has bent stem.

3.RNKi23.jpg (10383 bytes)RN. To the right, to the right

2olivai3.jpg (942 bytes)Oliva. Right leaning.

4.RNKi24.jpg (5620 bytes)RN. To the left, to the left.

2olivai5.jpg (1142 bytes)Oliva. From his signature.

5.RNKi25.jpg (2139 bytes)RN. To the left

6.RNKi26.jpg (3101 bytes)RN. Everywhere. #3 actually has the dot which is dragged out and down larger than it's bottom part.

2olivai3.jpg (942 bytes)Oliva.


                                                                                             Third Page: The i's

1.RNKi31.jpg (2878 bytes)RN. Body is just a dot/dash. #1 is from the "Victory" sign off-the dot is flying away.

2olivai5.jpg (1142 bytes)Oliva. From complaint signature. May have forgotten to not dot his signiture? Force of habit?

2.RNKi32.jpg (1234 bytes)RN. Leans right

3.RNKi33.jpg (1141 bytes)RN. Missing dot

4.RNKi34.jpg (3559 bytes)RN. Straight. Dots high, low, normal.

5.RNKi35.jpg (3179 bytes)RN. Curved left.

6.RNKi37.jpg (1943 bytes)RN. Capital I.

2olivai4.jpg (6481 bytes)Oliva.